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So, here's our story; I have played tennis for more than 30 years and am fairly competitive on and off the court. I work hard and play hard. One of my co-workers daughters plays tennis for the local high school and wanted some lessons to improve her overall game and I volunteered to coach her. After several lessons her mom asked me if I would take on a couple more high school aged family members. I did and as things would happen, these new tennis players requested updated equipment. I assisted with the purchase of racquets for them. When the new racquets arrived I was disappointed to find that one of the three came with a cover. Two of the new racquets arrived in plastic bags. Knowing how I'd feel receiving a racquet without a cover and just in a plastic bag gave me the inspiration to invent, design and produce the Racquet SackTM.  


So out of necessity the Racquet SackTM is here. 


I am very proud of its utility and design. I hope you have many exciting matches and that the bag provides you with an easy convenient way to get you to and from the court with racquets and balls to play the great sport of Tennis.

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